Conversation with Aviv Ashkelon, Senior Customer Success Manager, about Supplier Relationship Management

By: Yaron Finzi, Innovation Manager at Mashik

In recent years, the perception emerging among leading market players is that supplier-client relations are not the best. If we think about this for a moment, we can understand that, while the supplier holds the burden of proof as the service provider, the relationship is based on mutual agreements and cooperation. In an optimal relationship, there is a win-win situation. However, we know that the reality is often not that rosy. In many cases, as in any relationship, the supplier-client relationship faces difficulties. When this happens, both sides lose time and money.

Conversation with Arie Ben Shmueli, CEO of Mashik, about companies’ ability to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

By: Yaron Finzi, Innovation Manager at Mashik

The current crisis poses new challenges for companies. Plus, it seems that, with the beginning of a “second wave”, this crisis is here to stay - at least in the short-term future.Accordingly, companies are required to quickly respond to changes, and to challenge the traditional and familiar organizational processes that they have been using thus far. I sat down for a conversation with Arie Ben Shmueli, CEO of Mashik, who assists and advises leading organizations how to overcome the current crisis, find opportunities in these chaotic and uncertain times, and leverage technologies and innovation.

Conversation with Ziv Arieli, Customer Success Manager, about company migration to TPL services

By: Yaron Finzi, Innovation Manager at Mashik

We are living in a reality in which companies understand that the key to profitability and economic survival is dual faceted. On the one hand, every link in the supply chain must be inexpensive, while simultaneously being characterized by high quality and service.