Senior Management

Boaz Harel

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Boaz Harel founded Mashik in 1989. He previously served as the CEO of Lidan, an investment company, which is the primary shareholder in nearly 25 different companies. Since 2001, Boaz has served as a managing partner in Catalyst Venture Capital.

Arie Ben Shmueli

CEO and Director

As part of his role at Mashik, Arie is responsible for all areas related to management and business development, including defining the company’s vision and values, daily management, and outlining policies regarding cooperation with international companies. Arie has numerous years of experience in senior management roles, including production management in global industrial companies, managing leading global companies in Israel and across the world, and implementing company-wide solutions and improvements. In addition to his work at the company, Aryeh is a partner and lecturer in various marketing and operations forums, as well as academic institutions in various fields. He even teaches a procurement course as part of an MA program. Arie holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.

Yair Shamir

Director and Shareholder

Yair served for nearly 25 years as a pilot and engineer in the Israeli Air Force. He served as the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as a member in the Knesset. Yair was a former chairman in three government companies: El Al Airlines, Israel Aerospace Industries, and Netivei Israel (National Roads Company of Israel). He currently serves as a chairman for the NTA, Israel’s Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. Furthermore, he served and continues to serve as a director/ chairman at numerous private companies in Israel and abroad, including those traded on NASDAQ. He also served and continues to serve as a chairman or member of the Board of Directors of many public bodies, including Technion, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Shalem College, Mikveh Israel, Ohalo College, and Gvahim.

Itamar Zomer

Deputy CEO

As part of his role at Mashik, Itamar is responsible for managing and operating the Procurement Department and leading projects to success, including building a procurement strategy, locating suppliers, cost analysis, strategic procurement, and complex online procurement projects in global companies. Itamar’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge is evident in the positions that he previously held, whether as a senior manager or in his role as VP of Development, Procurement, and Supply Chain at a global food company. He holds a B.Sc in Statistics and Economics from the University of Haifa, as well as an Executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yuval Greenberg

As part of his role at Mashik, Yuval manages the supply chain sector and leads projects dealing with factory, warehouse, and facility planning, as well as improvements in industrial production and process planning and standardization. Professionals in the supply chain sector deal with inventory and procurement analysis, in addition to the optimization of distribution processes. The aim is to meet company objectives and innovate the logistics sector, while simultaneously reducing costs, effectively utilizing resources, and increasing efficiency. Along with the added value of operating in the short-term, the sector deals with long-term planning strategies and processes. Yuval brings wide-ranging expertise in various operational fields. He is an experienced industrial and management engineer and has held a variety of roles and assisted in numerous projects in the sector. He graduated with honors with a BA in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion. Yuval also holds an MBA from the Technion.

Aviv Ashkelon

Senior Customer Success Manager

As part of his role at Mashik, Aviv develops innovative and leading procurement strategies and consulting solutions, which aim to reduce costs and achieve optimal value, while simultaneously promoting a culture of customer centricity in the Consulting Department. These projects include the establishment of modern procurement organizations, supplier strategy, online sourcing and procurement, analysis of expenditure factors and their implications, procurement globalization and international relations, supply base analysis, supply flow mapping, and process/ capability analyses. Aviv has wide-ranging experience and knowledge, accumulated as part of his previous roles as a Supply Chain and Operation Manager, as well an Advanced Technologies Procurement Manager. He has extensive experience in procurement and supply chains in Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, and North America. Aviv holds a BA in Economics from a UK university.

Alice Fogel

Customer Success Manager

As part of her role at Mashik, Alice is responsible for leading and implementing various projects in the field of organization and methods in procurement and supply chain organizations, as well as quality control, ecosystem, and safety and environmental protection. Alice has overseen numerous projects in areas such as online procurement, process improvements in procurement organizations, ISO 9000 standardization, quality assurance management, and team-led initiatives to implement improvements. Alice is a quality engineer with a BA in Industry and Management.

Ziv Arieli

As part of his roles at Mashik, Ziv is responsible for projects in the areas of inventory and forecasting, service systems, distribution and transportation, cost efficiency analysis, global shipping (import/ export), warehouses and logistics centers, targeting, and indices. Ziv has extensive professional experience in managing supply chains and operations in large organizations in the business sector. The knowledge and experience that he has accumulated over the years is the result of the various managerial and operational roles in which he has taken part. Ziv holds a BA with honors in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Customer Success Manager

Shuli Kidan

Customer Success Manager

As part of her role at Mashik, Shuli advances the procurement sector and specializes in creating consulting solutions regarding core organizational issues, such as information systems, tenders, and regulation. She has extensive experience in managing projects aimed at reducing costs, identifying both failures and opportunities, achieving maximum value, formulating indices and work routines, and implementing changes in the field. Shuli also holds wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge in performing diagnostic testing, analysis, improvement and re-construction of databases, and improving supply chain processes, while simultaneously focusing on client requirements and needs in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. She holds a BA in Economics from the Tel Aviv University.