Business Partners


Kearney: Global Management Consulting Firm

Kearney is a leading consulting firm in the United States, and across the globe, with nearly 3600 employees in 40 countries. Nearly 75% of the companies that Kearney works with are listed in the Fortune Global 500, in addition to government bodies and leading non-profit organizations.

Mashik and Kearney have collaborated on dozens of joint projects in a variety of sectors. Mashik utilizes wide-ranging sources of knowledge to learn about new models, innovative methodologies, and benchmarks, applying them for the benefit of our clients.
סימפוני - Spend Analytics Software and Solutions

Symphony began as a technology start-up with an AI product capable of analyzing company data and generating business insights to improve client results. Currently, with the adoption of the technology by many of our clients, the company is a sector leader brandishing a sophisticated and innovative product. Mashik and Symphony know how to effectively provide Israeli companies the technical know-how to effectively integrate, use, and profit from this technology.