Procurement Department

The Procurement Department provides clients with effective advice and assists them in the implementation of strategic and tactical procurement, based on a comprehensive understanding of the market, as well as advanced tools and methodologies.Our professional staff and teams have extensive experience in a wide range of industries and sectors. The departments focus on providing added […]

Technology Department

The Technology Division provides state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of procurement and supply chain to “Mashik” customers. These solutions enable the company’s customers to improve performance and competitiveness and generate an added value when compared to their competitors.Mashik’s software teams have developed systems used by hundreds of companies and organizations, which have been critical to […]

Supply Chain Department

The Supply Chain Department provides clients with advanced methodological and technological solutions in order to improve the supply chain, starting from the strategy and planning stage and up to the logistical chain stage. Our team consists of the most qualified professions in the industry, all of whom hold years-long experience in various sectors. The department […]

Outsourcing Department

The Outsourcing Department provides Mashik clients with professional management services and efficient procurement procedures. The department has extensive experience in outsourcing procurement managers and purchasers, including personnel and specialized services, such as cost control. We know how to offer and effectively tailor these services to small and large companies alike in various sectors. Feel free […]